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Mr. Coupon Code is your resource for finding coupons and deals.  From travel to electronics, Mr. Coupon Code has the codes and deals that you need from all top advertisers.  From coupons to Priceline coupons and Journeys coupons, we have the coupons you need.

Mr. Coupon Code also has actionable information and guidance on how to find the top deals from the best merchants.  You can find our Hot Deal Tips here.

In order to be successful with coupons, you’ve got to start with a big huge mental shift. You’ll be leaving behind that old way of shopping and opening your mind to something new. No worries. Change is not always bad. In fact, this kind of change will better your life in the long run. So get ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new! No more:

  • Late afternoon runs to the grocery
  • Long grocery lists planned out regardless of price.
  • Weekly menu planning without glancing at the ad
  • Huge monthly shopping trips to the local wholesale clubs

Instead, think:

  • Meal planning according to what’s on sale
  • Visiting a couple of different stores to save 50-90%
  • Shopping with coupons while a product is on sale and stocking up while it’s cheap or free


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